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Innovative Property Finance Solutions


IE Finance is a non-bank lender offering first mortgage finance on residential developments, commercial and industrial building construction projects.

Our team combines in-depth industry knowledge with extensive experience to provide innovative financial solutions.

If you are considering buying a new property, refurbishing and/or expanding an existing building, or simply seeking a short-term financing solution, our team can assist.
If you are a developer, we can assist with providing a tailored solution for your funding requirements.

We are funding new developments ranging from infill housing projects to greenfield developments.
Have you been caught by a timing mismatch where you have to pay for a property purchase pending settlement of a property you have sold?

We can provide you with short term finance solutions to all you to proceed.

Lending Criteria

Loan Size: $500,000 to $10,000,000

Maximum Term: 24 Months

Maximum LVR: 75%

Interest Rates

Our interest rates are competitive and are determined by the level of risk, and the term of the loan.


As with our interest rates, the amount of our fees is determined by the level of risk, the term and structure of the loan.


It is a condition of our lending that satisfactory insurance is held by the borrower. The type of the insurance required will depend on the nature of the finance, and the assets that are being provided as security.


We are actively utilizing the services of Advisors. It is our strategy to develop and sustain long-term relationships.

Working Together

We work in a collaborative way with Advisors to ensure they are fully aware of our requirements and our business strategy.

We will assist you in determining what is the optimal funding structure for your clients.


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